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REVIEW: Baltimore The Cult of the Red King #1

The story opens in 1920s Rome, with a group of men looking for a church in the slums of the city. Upon reaching the dilapidated building they realize it is


Review: Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon

Before watching Supermensch, the only knowledge that I had about Shep Gordon was what I heard from Mike Myers’ episode of WTF with Marc Maron. Essentially, Myers reiterated that Gordon


Review: “Penpal” by Dathan Auerbach

“Penpal” by Dathan Auerbach started out as a few related posts by a Reddit user named 1000Vultures in the r/NoSleep Reddit community. Each of these posts were snippets of a


Vacation (Red Band Trailer)

So there's a trailer for the new "Vacation" movie that's making its rounds across the internet. This time, the story revolves around the next generation of Griswolds, though Rusty will
B-Movies and E-Books Podcasts

B-Movies and E-Books – Episode 19: Kutter and They Came Together

On this episode of B-Movies and E-Books, Craig Wade and Brian Alan DeLaney discuss the romantic comedy, They Came Together, and review the Jeff Strand novella, "Kutter".

Review: The Houses October Built

I watch a lot of horror films, and with the current trends, I stumble across more than my fair share of found footage movies. It seems that this has been very