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Review: Rise of the Animals

Let’s get one thing straight before we start the review: you don’t watch a movie like this for the plot. You watch a movie like this to see horrible things

B-Movies and E-Books Podcasts

B-Movies and E-Books – Episode 24: Age of Tomorrow and Pretty Bird

On Episode 24 of B-Movies and E-Books, Craig Wade and Brian Alan DeLaney review the film, Age of Tomorrow, and the novella, Pretty Bird, by Eli Nixon. Make sure to check
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The Weekend Stream – 7/17/2015

Top Netflix Picks for the Weekend of 6/17/2015: BoJack Horseman: Season Two – I stumbled across season one, not expecting much but Netflix brought a wholly-original show that made me


Review: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment

I’ve always been a DC guy, in fact, I am pretty sure I learned how to read from Batman comics. Every so often though I try Marvel again. This latest

LongBox Small Talk Podcasts

Longbox Small Talk – Episode 5: Bat-fleck and the con of Comic-Con

In this episode, our dynamic duo discuss Ben Affleck directing the Batman Movie, Witchblade's ending, and why Comic-Con is possibly past its prime. Longbox Small Talk Subscribe B&E Master Feed

Review: “Born To Bleed” by Ryan C. Thomas

When I read The Summer I Died, I was shocked by author Ryan C. Thomas’s ability to completely annihilate the lines of human decency while still remaining relatable. It was

B-Movies and E-Books Podcasts

B-Movies and E-Books – Episode 23.5: The State of Horror

On Episode 23.5, Craig and Brian discuss the state of horror movies and their relevance in pop culture. Also, they discuss their new podcast schedule and associated polls that will
Poll Of The Week

POLL: The Goosebumps Film Adaptation

The Goosebumps film adaptation. Is it a cynical cash-grab or a genuine attempt to bring beloved characters to the big screen? Join us this week as we get a sneak

The Weekend Stream – 7/10/2015

Welcome to another edition of The Weekend Stream, our recurring segment that helps you choose what to watch on Netflix this weekend. So without further ado, we present our top picks

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Review: Grow Home

One night last week, after recording our comic book podcast, Longbox Small Talk, I just wanted to relax. Sit down. Pet my dog. Open a beer. Play some games. I didn’t