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Review: Mortis (The Mortis Desolation Book 1)

Fans of The Walking Dead will find much to enjoy in Mortis (The Mortis Desolation Book 1). This tale describes a dystopian society torn apart by aliens and zombies. And like all great zombie stories,

B-Movies and E-Books

B-Movies and E-Books – Episode 25.5: Marvel/DC

In this .5 episode, we look to the future of comic book movies with a rundown of the next five years of Marvel and DC films. B-Movies and E-Books Subscribe
The Adventures of Toxic City

The Adventures of Toxic City – Episode 1: Bill Curtner

This week we talk to Mr. Bill Curtner about his past music projects and new up and coming band Retaboice; his new gig hosting Longbox Small Talk, and the time
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B-Movies and E-Books – Episode 25: Mortis and She Kills

Craig Wade and Brian Alan DeLaney discuss Mortis by Logan Rutherford and the new film, "She Kills", Directed by Ron Bonk. Make sure to tweet the guys @BandEPod and leave

The Weekend Stream – 7/31/2015

The weekend is here and it is time to present the latest edition of The Weekend Stream, B&E’s top weekend picks for titles currently streaming on Netflix! Wet Hot American