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Barely Living The Dream Podcasts

Barely Living The Dream – Episode 28: What Doesn’t Kill You…

Remember that promo we cut where we (mostly me) read hatemail? Here’s the uncut recording session, which makes a pretty compelling listen on its own. Beyond “bad reviews”…these selections are mainly personal attacks or fallout from bad deals, shadiness, etc. It was actually kind of fun to revisit this stuff because 1) none of it ended up mattering and 2) I’ve become something akin to a Highlander that is fueled by spite and rage anyway. Enjoy! More soon (we promise).

Podcasts The Basement On A Hill

Basement On A Hill – Episode 53: Derek Dillon/Molly Welsh

Molly Welsh (All Young Girls Are Machine Guns, BFF Femme Fest) and Derek Dillon (Alamo Drafthouse Omaha) return to The Basement with some exciting programming happening at Alamo in the month of March.
Nonsense returns with a pretty ‘nutty’ story followed by a discussion on THE PREDATOR in News of the Dead. Derek and Molly tell fill us in with all the exciting events to go along with Colossal Women at Alamo, and we take a look at new releases coming to theaters and blu-ray for the month of March. Finally, we conclude the show with a lively discussion about Neil Marshall’s THE DESCENT.