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2 Minute Review: Star Trek 50 & 51

Bill from Longbox Small Talk falls through a spacial anomaly and ends up in the Mirror, Mirror universe for this week’s 2 Minute Review of IDW’s Star Trek 50 and 51.

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Star Wars: The Trailer Awakens

If you listen to Longbox Small Talk then, you are aware that I am very passionate about Star Wars and its upcoming sequel. Like most, I waited by my computer


Review: Fantastic Four

If you have seen any of the trailers then, you know the story of Fox’s Fantastic 4 movie. And if you have a pulse…you have heard the internet get their

Movies Trailers

Trailer: Point Break

Producers Meeting somewhere in Los Angeles on a Friday night. One year ago…. Producer 1: Do you like the airplane scene in Dark Knight Rises? Producer 2: Hell yeah, bro!