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B-Movies and E-Books Podcasts

B-Movies and E-Books – Episode 102: Pineal Pot-Pies and Viking Noirs

Craig and Brian are joined by Ryan C. Thomas as they review Stuart Gordon's 1986 Lovecraft horror classic, "From Beyond". Then they discuss the upcoming book, "Red Ice Run" by
B-Movies and E-Books Podcasts

B-Movies and E-Books – Episode 98: Top Five Films of 2017

Craig and Brian talk about their top five films of 2017! Subscribe Master Feed
Podcasts The Basement On A Hill

Basement On A Hill – Episode 62: Kait Berreckman

Singer/Songwriter Kait Berreckman returns to The Basement to tell us about her monthlong residency at Barley St. Tavern happening every Thursday in May called "A Benson Home Companion." We're returning
Podcasts The Basement On A Hill

Basement On A Hill – Episode 61: Drive-In Double Features

Doug Kabourek returns to The Basement this week and joins us in offering up five different double features each. Thirty movies, 15 double features, no repeats. Visit for your
Nerds On The Left Podcasts

Nerds On The Left – Episode 10: Gotta Have My Pops

Despite the title, this is the first episode in Nerds on the Left's #MonthofMagic! Check all of our social media to follow along and enjoy Harry Potter themed content. We

Review: Don’t Breathe

It has been a little while since I have posted a movie review, but there was no way that I could ignore the new film, Don't Breathe, directed by Fede
LongBox Small Talk Podcasts

Longbox Small Talk – Episode 27: The Rod Show!

Rodney gets his turn at the helm when co-host Bill can't make it to recording. Rod talks about sexist advertisments in Alias, Deadpool #4, Sam Wilson: Captain America #4 ,

Trailer: The Boy

I keep hearing that 2015 has been a better than average year for horror but I remain unconvinced. There have been a few films worth remembering, namely It Follows, Unfriended,


Review: The Green Inferno

I have been waiting for this film to come out since I first heard that it rocked the Toronto International Film Fest back in September 2013. I knew that Eli


Review: “Don’t Read” by Matt Shaw

Whether it be a film, a book, or even a campfire tale, I take every opportunity to indulge in a good horror story. I don’t know what it is about