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LongBox Small Talk Podcasts

Longbox Small Talk – Episode 27: The Rod Show!

Rodney gets his turn at the helm when co-host Bill can't make it to recording. Rod talks about sexist advertisments in Alias, Deadpool #4, Sam Wilson: Captain America #4 ,

Trailer: The Boy

I keep hearing that 2015 has been a better than average year for horror but I remain unconvinced. There have been a few films worth remembering, namely It Follows, Unfriended,


Review: The Green Inferno

I have been waiting for this film to come out since I first heard that it rocked the Toronto International Film Fest back in September 2013. I knew that Eli


Review: “Don’t Read” by Matt Shaw

Whether it be a film, a book, or even a campfire tale, I take every opportunity to indulge in a good horror story. I don’t know what it is about


Review: Mortis (The Mortis Desolation Book 1)

Fans of The Walking Dead will find much to enjoy in Mortis (The Mortis Desolation Book 1). This tale describes a dystopian society torn apart by aliens and zombies. And like all great zombie stories,

B-Movies and E-Books Podcasts

B-Movies and E-Books – Episode 25: Mortis and She Kills

Craig Wade and Brian Alan DeLaney discuss Mortis by Logan Rutherford and the new film, "She Kills", Directed by Ron Bonk. Make sure to tweet the guys @BandEPod and leave
LongBox Small Talk Podcasts

Longbox Small Talk – Episode 7: The Bill Strikes Back

Our hero, Bill gets his revenge against the evil troll, Rodney, with his new game, 4 Colored Eulogy. Then, the guys talk non-stop about their hopes, dreams, and fears for

Review: Age of Tomorrow

Whether it be the torrent of cheap possession movies that came out after The Exorcist, or Southern Comfort, the amazing rip-off of Deliverance that actually surpasses its inspiration in terms


Review: Creep

Mark Duplass is becoming a common fixture in the cultural landscape. He is not a household name yet but his star is growing due to his work on television shows like The

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The Weekend Stream – 7/17/2015

Top Netflix Picks for the Weekend of 6/17/2015: BoJack Horseman: Season Two – I stumbled across season one, not expecting much but Netflix brought a wholly-original show that made me