Review: Lucky Bastard

Review: Lucky Bastard


1 out of 5


1 out of 5


  • Release Date: May 04, 2013
  • Pros:

    Good Performances

  • Cons:

    Sloppy Direction
    Script is Sloppy
    Pointless Story

  • Conclusion:

    Avoid it like the plague!

Summary: Aside from his other entrepreneurial porn video pursuits, Mike runs a website called “Lucky Bastard” that allows porn fans a chance to have sex with porn stars. For reasons not entirely clear, Mike wants Ashley Saint, the hottest porn star that is affiliated with his company, to have sex with Dave, the latest Lucky Bastard winner. When things do not work out as planned, Dave intentions turn deadly.

I have to admit, I have been wanting to see this little cinematic gem since I saw the first trailer in late 2013. It appeared to be a low budget, trashy little exploitation film that was chocked to the brim with gore and nudity. Hell, it was even rated NC-17 – a sure sign of an impending classic!

It is hard to believe that somewhere deep in my skull, a tiny portion of my brain was hard at work, occupying its time by providing me with mental reminders to remember to check this movie out. Though I appreciate the effort that those brain cells exhausted, it is clear that they probably died in vain as a result of watching this film.

Though I didn’t enjoy the film, I will be the first to admit that there were a few things that worked. Using found footage as a frame was logically a good choice since it meshed well with a low-budget porn shoot. Also, the acting was strong, with convincing performances by Betsy Rue (as Ashley Saint) as a porn star who is getting very tired of the adult film industry and only pursues acting in porn films because she wants the best for her children. Jay Paulson (as Dave) did an adequate job of being creepy and effective but it seemed that he was a bit overdramatic at times.

The clear standout of the entire film was Don McManus, a character actor that you have probably seen in a hundred different roles, but has is not a household name. His portrayal of the asshole wannabe porn mogul, Mike, was incredible. He chewed through scenery like a goat at an aluminum can festival. In fact, I kept thinking that this character would have been better suited for a Californication-type television show.

Another random casting note is that Chris Wylde was in this movie. I can’t say that he left a memorable impression as he was an ancillary character, but it is always odd to see someone go from having a late night talk show to playing such a small role.

The Chris Wylde Show Chris Wylde

Pictured: The Least Memorable Talk Show Host Since Brian Benben

So, if the acting worked, what was the problem? Well, pretty much everything else.

There was a bit of humor and a few instances of biting satire in the movie, but definitely not enough to be considered to be a dark comedy. There was a crazy man with unclear motives intent on killing people, but this movie was completely devoid of tension. There seemed to be some sort of moral to the story, but whatever the point might have been was ultimately lost on me.

What is frustrating is that with a few small changes, this movie could have been really good. It probably never could have been the cult classic that I pictured when I first saw the trailer, but in any event, the elements of a good movie were present. It just seems that the director had a lack of clear vision (probably due to a weak script) and was unable to get all of the actors locked into a rhythm with each other.

It is not the worst thing that I have ever seen, but I do not believe that it is worthy of the audience’s time.

Bottom line: Proceed with Caution.

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