The Weekend Stream – 6/19/2015

The Weekend Stream – 6/19/2015

It’s that day of the week again. You know, the one that shines above all others like a beacon of hope and humanity in a desperate city filled with evil. I’m talking about Friday! So before you rent anything on pay-per-view, hit up Redbox, or rifle through your DVD collection in hopes of finding a movie that you haven’t seen a million times before, we present another edition of The Weekend Stream: B&E’s Top Netflix Picks.

1) Upstream Color – Shane Carruth’s follow-up to his directorial debut, Primer. This one is worth watching but I can guarantee that you will not crack the code of this art-house puzzle upon first viewing.

2) Primer – If you haven’t seen this, then drop what you are doing right now to check out this confusing time-travel classic!

3) Zombeavers – This was reviewed on B-Movies and E-Books Podcast Episode #16. This little B-Movie is a dam good time! Crack open a cold one and enjoy this schlocky little movie!

4) Starry Eyes – This film is a gory thrill-ride that showcases how far an actress will go to make it as an actress. Solid film and creepy as hell.

5) V/H/S: Viral – I can’t say that I was too thrilled overall about this entry in the popular V/H/S series, but there were two segments that were on par with the first film.

6) The Houses October Built – This was one of the first films that we reviewed on this site. You can check out the review here, but I would suggest going into this film without any prior knowledge of it. This is a chill-inducing, mean-spirited film, but very effective!

7) The Canal – We reviewed this film here and gave it a 4.5/5. This one is destined to find its cult-status!

8) Troll 2 – This craptastic little title is loved AND hated universally.  If you haven’t seen it, you are in for a treat as you witness the evil that is brewing in the town of Nilbog.

9) Transformers: Age of Extinction – Mark Wahlberg vs. Robots. Grab your popcorn and get ready!

10) ABCs of Death 2 – If you are a fan of short films, check this one out!

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