The Weekend Stream: 7/3/2015

The Weekend Stream: 7/3/2015

It is Independence Day in America, which means that you probably have weekend plans, but here at B&E, we feel that weekends are never complete unless you incorporate a movie marathon or engage in some healthy binge-watching. With that in mind, here are our top ten weekend picks for Netflix. Because fireworks are overrated anyway.

  1. Kung Fu Hustle – Stephen Chow stars in this crazy-ass mash-up of a movie. It is hyper violent and frequently incorporates cartoon-like physics into the action sequences.
  2. Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies – Not quite as appealing as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but a fun little flick nonetheless.
  3. American Mary – This film is an extremely unique little foray into the underground surgery world. This is a perfect film to check out if you want to catch something off the beaten path. Not quite horror, but too grotesque to be considered anything otherwise.
  4. Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid – Critics may have hated this film but I fucking love it. It is an unnecessary pseudo-sequel that is a bit derivative, but who really cares? Giant snakes always make for an awesomely cheesy creature feature.
  5. Oculus – This is a trippy little thrill-ride that will keep you second-guessing the completely unreliable narration. It is a solid film and easily the best WWE film ever made.
  6. All The Boys Love Mandy Lane – Amber Heard stars in this little slasher. It is a graphic, mean-spirited, cold film but is one of the most stylish low-budget slashers of the past decade.
  7. Pontypool – Love zombie films, but tired of the same old tropes? Check this film out. It treats zombies like you have never seen before by introducing a completely new way to spread the zombie virus.
  8. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare – This is one of the weirdest sequels of A Nightmare On Elm Street but such a treat. Though it was made prior to Scream, it incorporates much of the same meta rationale.
  9. The Warriors – I shouldn’t need to elaborate further on this 80’s classic. All you need to know is that it is on Netflix so you can watch it for the millionth time. This film never gets old.
  10. Aberration – A woman takes refuge in a remote cabin overrun with flesh eating lizards. If you do not want to see this film after reading that sentence, then you might be reading the wrong site.

That’s it for this week, but please let us know how you feel about any of these films on Twitter @BandEpod and check back next week for another edition of The Weekend Stream!

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