Basement On A Hill – Episode 18: Kait Berreckman

Basement On A Hill – Episode 18: Kait Berreckman

Singer/Songwriter/Badass Kait Berreckman stops by the basement this week to discuss the life of a musician and Omaha Girls Rock. We have a lovely discussion about Adam Wingard’s “You’re Next.” And Kait takes her turn with the 7 Deadly Questions with a surprise guest appearance (via speaker phone) by her husband Mark. And Kevin makes his triumphant return to the couch.
News of the Dead: Dark Sky Films Gave Us a Little Surprise This Week, “Aleister Arcane” Nabs One of My Favorite Actors, What’s In a Name?, There’s a New Doug Jones In Town.
Music this week is from Omaha’s own Millions of Boys with their song “Gimme Yr Blood.”
You can pre-order Kait’s new album (available 8/19/16) at, and for our listeners, use code “loveditlive” at checkout for 20% off.
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