Basement On A Hill – Episode 23: Joel Mahr

Basement On A Hill – Episode 23: Joel Mahr

Chef Joel Mahr of Lot 2 in Benson comes to the basement this week to talk about one of the greatest restaurants in Omaha, The Beard House, and spontaneously combustable piles of manure. Joel takes a swing at the 7 Deadly Questions, and we discuss John Carpenter’s “The Thing.”
This week we’re starting a weekly giveaway/contest for our listeners, and Joel and the gracious folks at Lot 2 have supplied some amazing things. Listen in for details!
News of the Dead: Turn the Lights Out… Again, Prepare for Collision, and Kiefer Reveals Something Shocking.
Thanks to Jeff Rosenstock and Antarctigo Vespucci for the music this week with their song “You Don’t Scare Me” off the album “I’m So Tethered.”
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