Basement On A Hill – Episode 24: Andy King

Basement On A Hill – Episode 24: Andy King

Anthony’s brother, Andy is visiting from New York City so we took some time to hang out in front of microphones. On this episode we talk new releases to theaters, blu-ray and Netflix for August, Andy takes his turn with the 7 Deadly Questions, and we all settle on the fact that the 2003 remake of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is a comedy.
Congrats to our winner of last week’s giveaway. This week, we have some great stuff from Omaha band Edge of Arbor to give away to a lucky winner. Listen in for details!
News of the Dead: We’re Getting Closer To Crystal Lake, Zombieheads Get a Treat On September 1, Willem Dafoe Is Da Man Behind Da Voice Of Da Demon, Pumpkinhead Will Get the Remake Treatment, and What On Earth Is Eli Roth Doing?
Music this week comes from Shinobu with their song “Hell Screens” off the album “10 Thermidor,” and “Fast or Slow Zombie, It’s Your Choice” from Dan Padilla off the album “As the Ox Plows.”
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