Basement On A Hill – Episode 28: Josh Soto

Basement On A Hill – Episode 28: Josh Soto

Bassist and all-around great guy Josh Soto is in the basement this week to talk about his band High Up and the new, kick ass, independent guitar shop Ground Floor Guitar. Normally a movie podcast, there was no way around talking about the phenomenon that is Stranger Things, so we have a great discussion about Netflix’s latest hit show. Kevin shares a story of his encounter with a ghost child at the zoo, and Josh takes a turn at the 7 Deadly Questions.

News of the Dead: Stranger Things the Sequel. We’re giving away a Ground Floor Guitar t-shirt this week. Listen in for details!

Music this week comes from Swiss punk rockers Shadows of Defeat with the song “Straight to Hell in All It’s Glory” from their album “We’re Writing Our Own Epitaph”.

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