Nerds On The Left – Episode 17: Hulk Slangry!

Nerds On The Left – Episode 17: Hulk Slangry!

The Nerds are back after a two (or three?) week hiatus. This episode is jam packed with ramblings thoughts about everything we missed. Stick around after the politics section for the chance to win a Steam copy of Gone Home by playing our new audience participation game, NotL’s Secret Answer. Remember, you can spell out the Secret Answer using the first letter of each individual questions answer. The first person to tweet the answer to us will get a free Steam game, right into their inbox!

In today’s episode, Melissa lusts after Ryan Reynold’s crispy banger in the Deadpool 2 teaser, we meet Mike’s new puppy Leia, and Rodney….well, he shows up with a game we like to call “From the Halls of Obscurity”…Can Mike beat Bill’s high score? (No.)

We keep our politics in the Lone Star State this episode. We are currently watching two state bills in Texas, both out of the Senate. Senate Bill 6 is the so-called Bathroom Bill and Senate Bill 3 is the “School Choice” bill. Please call your Senators in Congress and tell them that these bills fly in the face of Texan values.

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Thanks for listening and as always…Keep it Nerdy!

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