Nerds On The Left – Episode 9: Don’t Tell Alan Moore

Nerds On The Left – Episode 9: Don’t Tell Alan Moore

In this titillating episode of Nerds on the Left, we are joined by a guest Nerd, Kase Chaffin.

Wasting no time, Kase picks a fight with Marvel Editorial over Venom #1 over an extra finger. Rodney speculates about the future of the Inhumans past ResurreXion. (Hint: It doesn’t look good.) Also, don’t tell Alan Moore that they may put Watchmen characters in the Injustice 2 video game. For everyone’s safety, keep it to yourself. Seriously.

In politics this week, Jill Stein basically starts a Kickstarter to save our democracy from a Trump presidency. Will it make a difference? Probably not. Should we still do it? Hell yeah.

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