Scary As Shit – Episode 12: Beaufield Berry

Scary As Shit – Episode 12: Beaufield Berry

Writer/Entrepreneur Beaufield Berry, dressed for witchcraft, stops by The Basement On a Hill to make us some delicious “craft” cocktails and discuss her numerous projects, including a newly finished novel, two plays she’s currently working on, and her event-planning business, HotDate. We harken back to our angsty teenage years to review The Craft, and Beau takes her turn at the 7 Deadly Questions.
News of the Dead: “The Shining: The Opera?” “Kevin Bacon Has News.” “Jurassic World & Daredevil Creatives Team Up.” Godzilla Is Coming, But Not As Soon As We’d Hoped.” “Tim Burton Speaks!” “Lars von Trier To Make Another Lars von Trier-ish Film.” “Dame Helen Mirren Enters The Winchester House.”
Music this week is from The Taxpayers!
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