Scary As Shit – Episode 13: Cody Rathman

Scary As Shit – Episode 13: Cody Rathman

State Disco frontman Cody Rathman stops by The Basement on a Hill to discuss the young life of his band, playing to small crowds with national acts, and sell-out crowds with local acts. He takes his turn on the dastardly 7 Deadly Questions, and we review Jordan Galland’s movie Ava’s Possessions.
News of the dead: Dark Tower Fans, Prepare To Get Pissed; IS Friday the 13th Happening? More Casting Announced For Cute-Sounding Shark Movie “Meg”; Big News Out Of Cannes Film Festival; Insidious 4 Gives Us The Creative Team.
Music this week is “Dead Horses” from Very Okay out of Brooklyn.
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