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Review: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Please forgive me if my review is a bit late. I was out of the country in a place where internet is two dollars a minute. So just play along with


Trailer: Ash vs Evil Dead

All aboard the hype train. I am not going to lie, although there is nothing in this trailer (and I am not entirely sure that even is Bruce Campbell) this

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Review: Dear NSA – Dear NSA by Harmon Cooper

First off, I want to be clear that this review is just for the title story “Dear NSA”; I will however get to the others at some point in time.


Review: The Flash – Fast Enough

This is what I wanted last week, a season finale that actually felt like it accomplished something. As I thought the previous episode really only served as a vehicle to


Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

It isn’t that often that you come across a movie like the latest installment of the Mad Max franchise. In fact, I’m not sure that I have ever seen anything


Review: The Flash – Rogue Air

The Flash is arguably the most comicbooky show on television. Last time we had a psychic giant gorilla. This week, however, is a little more down to earth. It is your


Review – Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop

Thought Crimes, a new documentary from HBO, is an examination of the case of the NYPD “Cannibal Cop” and the potential legal ramifications arising from this case. Now, I will be


Review: Supernatural – Dark Dynasty

What kind of medical lab holds meetings with potential volunteers after hours? The episode opens with a college student applying for a spot in an eyesight related medical test to


Trailer: Lucifer

So I have never read the Vertigo comic Lucifer but it has always been on my list of things to get to. The premise always intrigued, The Devil quitting Hell

REVIEW: Baltimore The Cult of the Red King #1

The story opens in 1920s Rome, with a group of men looking for a church in the slums of the city. Upon reaching the dilapidated building they realize it is