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Review: Fantastic Four

If you have seen any of the trailers then, you know the story of Fox’s Fantastic 4 movie. And if you have a pulse…you have heard the internet get their


Rants and Rumors: The “Rampage” Movie Adaptation

Like any child of the eighties, I played the dogshit out of my Nintendo when I was young. And while most video games were just a flash in the pan, there

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Review: Road Redemption

This week I took a look at Road Redemption, a 2013 title developed by Dark Seas Interactive. Road Redemption piqued the interest of the older crowd like myself who had


The Weekend Stream – 6/19/2015

It’s that day of the week again. You know, the one that shines above all others like a beacon of hope and humanity in a desperate city filled with evil. I’m


Review: Jurassic World

Ah, the dreaded third sequel, the fourth movie in a series, should it be made? How well will it be received? Will it be a failure like Alien Resurrection and

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Review: Spec Ops: The Line

Hi, my name is Rodney and it’s been over a week since my last review. During the last few days, I’ve caught myself scrolling through my list of games, from

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Review: Kung Fury

“That explains the Laser Raptors.” How does one begin to describe the sheer spectacle that is David Sandberg’s ode to 80’s nostalgia: Kung Fury? I am not sure you even can.

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Trailer: Point Break

Producers Meeting somewhere in Los Angeles on a Friday night. One year ago…. Producer 1: Do you like the airplane scene in Dark Knight Rises? Producer 2: Hell yeah, bro!


Review: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Please forgive me if my review is a bit late. I was out of the country in a place where internet is two dollars a minute. So just play along with


Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

It isn’t that often that you come across a movie like the latest installment of the Mad Max franchise. In fact, I’m not sure that I have ever seen anything