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B-Movies and E-Books

B-Movies and E-Books – Episode 25.5: Marvel/DC

In this .5 episode, we look to the future of comic book movies with a rundown of the next five years of Marvel and DC films. B-Movies and E-Books Subscribe
LongBox Small Talk Podcasts

Longbox Small Talk – Episode 6: Seduce-a Medusa

Bill and his sweaty stack of pancakes sidekick, Rod the Bod, play another round of From the Halls of Obscurity, break down the SDCC trailers, and wade through the all-new,

Review: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment

I’ve always been a DC guy, in fact, I am pretty sure I learned how to read from Batman comics. Every so often though I try Marvel again. This latest

LongBox Small Talk Podcasts

Longbox Small Talk – Episode 2: From The Halls Of Obscurity

Rodney introduces his brand new game, "From the Halls of Obscurity". The Meat: Punisher casting on Netflix's Daredevil, The DC You, and Robot Suit Batman. Longbox Small Talk Subscribe B&E