Review: Supernatural – Dark Dynasty

Review: Supernatural – Dark Dynasty


4 out of 5


4 out of 5


  • Release Date: May 06, 2015
  • Pros:

    A few great character scenes
    Lots of world building

  • Cons:

    Sometimes slow
    Character death that might upset a few people

  • Conclusion:

    Second half of the episode was worth it

What kind of medical lab holds meetings with potential volunteers after hours? The episode opens with a college student applying for a spot in an eyesight related medical test to make a quick buck. Her “doctor” is a member of the Styne family (who were recently introduced to be the show’s big bad), and he promptly slits her throat and removes her eyes but not before being noticed by the janitor. Now I have no problem with the violence, what bothers me is that a medical complex would be open at the same time the janitor is cleaning, the scene is set at night so one would think that it is after the facility is closed.

We get a nice scene between Rowena and Sam, where she explains that the decryption of the Book of the Damned is not going as smoothly as planned, being codes upon codes. This leads Sam to enlist the help of Charlie (Felicia Day), master codebreaker. And here is the crux of the episode, sure we get some backstory on the Stynes and the Book of the Damned, and the boys on the case of the girl with the missing eyes, but the real story is what is happening behind Dean’s back. The show has largely become about secrets. What the boys are hiding from one another always comes back around and explodes in their faces, there is always some brooding and suspicion, but the they always make up and their relationship always strengthens because of it. But for all of the character building it presents it can be tedious at times.

There are two major things that happen in this episode, both with potential repercussions. One deals with the Styne family. When they were first introduced they felt like the typical “monster of the week” bad guy. They where after that week’s macguffin, and Sam and Dean where going to stop them. The revelations in this episode could put them more on par as an antagonist as other must-episode villains like Crowley or even Lucifer. The second is going to upset some people. There was a huge death this time, one that looks to drive the wedge between the two brothers even further.

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