Trailer: Lucifer

Trailer: Lucifer

So I have never read the Vertigo comic Lucifer but it has always been on my list of things to get to. The premise always intrigued, The Devil quitting Hell and opening up a piano bar in LA, before attempting to create his own version of the universe.

This looks like a comedic police procedural.

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  1. Robin
    Robin 22 May, 2015, 19:31

    It looks like, just by the traile, that they are doing what they are doing with izombie. Just taking the idea, and I’m not saying that as a bad thing.

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    • Craig Wade
      Craig Wade 26 May, 2015, 08:35

      I still haven’t checked out iZombie.

      Is it any good?

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      • Robin Maloney
        Robin Maloney 31 May, 2015, 20:18

        yeah i like it, it gets better as it goes on. Don’t go in thinking along the line of walking dead zombies. But yeah, it’s easy watching tv. You should check out the comics.

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  2. Rodney Herrin
    Rodney Herrin 31 May, 2015, 00:30

    Seems like a bit of a waste. May as well call it CSI:Hell and get it over with.

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