The Weekend Stream – 7/17/2015

The Weekend Stream – 7/17/2015

Top Netflix Picks for the Weekend of 6/17/2015:

  1. BoJack Horseman: Season Two – I stumbled across season one, not expecting much but Netflix brought a wholly-original show that made me laugh out loud multiple times in each episode. I haven’t gotten a chance to see season two, but I can’t wait.
  2. Lost Soul : The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Doctor Moreau – If you are old enough to remember the horribly shitty film that is the basis of this documentary, then you remember the Marlon Brando’s bizarre performance and the abundance of weird animal creatures. This documentary goes into depth on all of the problems that plagued the film and provides explanation for its eccentricities. Highly recommended!
  3. Creep – Fans of Mark Duplass will be thrilled to see him play against type in this low budget thriller. This is a very disturbing film that took me by surprise at how much they made out of such a simple plot.
  4. Grandma’s Boy – I remember laughing my ass off in an empty theater the first time that I saw this film. Each subsequent viewing makes me laugh… a lot.
  5. Side Effects – This is an interesting thriller with an all-star cast. Not B-Movie material at all, but a very provocative film nonetheless.
  6. Drinking Buddies – This is Joe Swanberg’s most mainstream film, but still along the lines of the mumblecore movement that he helped create. Though Happy Christmas is my favorite of his films, this film is a good starting point for those that crave a good character study but are unfamiliar with Swanberg’s catalog.
  7. Ghoulies Go To College – This is B-Movie greatness presented in all of its cheesy, puppet-filled glory. This is the highlight of the Ghoulies franchise in my opinion.
  8. Big Ass Spider! – You know what this film is about by the title. There’s not much to this film, but it is fun.
  9. Oldboy (2013) – Not as good as the original, but not a bad film at all. I do not know why this Spike Lee film performed so poorly at the box office, but it is a solid thriller and Josh Brolin puts on an amazing performance. The only downside is that it is a remake that fails to deviate much from the source material.
  10. Clerks – Catch the low budget classic that spawned Kevin Smith’s movie-making career.
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