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Video Games

Review: Apotheon

Looking at early press for Apotheon, it struck me as just another Metroidvania type action RPG from Alien Trap, makers of Capsized(2009). Now, I’d previously played Capsized and wasn’t blown

Movies Trailers

Trailer: Point Break

Producers Meeting somewhere in Los Angeles on a Friday night. One year ago…. Producer 1: Do you like the airplane scene in Dark Knight Rises? Producer 2: Hell yeah, bro!


Review: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Please forgive me if my review is a bit late. I was out of the country in a place where internet is two dollars a minute. So just play along with


Trailer: Ash vs Evil Dead

All aboard the hype train. I am not going to lie, although there is nothing in this trailer (and I am not entirely sure that even is Bruce Campbell) this


Review: The Canal

I went into this one without knowing a single thing about it and I do not regret that one bit. I highly recommend that you check this film out without


Review: Fight Club 2 – Issue #1

Fight Club is probably one of my top twenty favorite films of all-time, but I need to come clean... I've never read the entire book. What I read was entertaining
Books Short Stories

Review: Dear NSA – Dear NSA by Harmon Cooper

First off, I want to be clear that this review is just for the title story “Dear NSA”; I will however get to the others at some point in time.

Books Short Stories

Review: The Nine Billion Names of God

It is a simple premise really, a group of monks have been toiling away for centuries working on a list. When completed, this list which is written in a special


Review: Archie Vs. Predator – Issue #2

A couple of weeks back, I reviewed Archie Vs. Predator Issue #1. Though the review was positive, I bemoaned the fact that the Predator didn’t make much of an impact on the


Review: The Flash – Fast Enough

This is what I wanted last week, a season finale that actually felt like it accomplished something. As I thought the previous episode really only served as a vehicle to