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Podcasts The Adventures of Toxic City

The Adventures of Toxic City – Episode 8: The Adventures of Derek Thomasson

We are joined by returning guest Derek "Not Rick" Thomasson. We talk Ninja Turtles, National RoboCop Day and the adventure behind hunting for your collection in the wild. We jump
B-Movies and E-Books Podcasts

B-Movies and E-Books – Episode 29: The Found and The Conspiracy

Brian Alan DeLaney and Craig Wade discuss The Found by Genero Zamora and the film, The Conspiracy. They also talk about their upcoming plans for #SpookyMonth, their expectations for The
Movies Short Films

Review: Suckablood

Set in a spacious castle-like mansion, a mother warns her child about the dangers of sucking her thumb, and curses her to a gruesome fate if she does it again.

LongBox Small Talk Podcasts

Longbox Small Talk – Episode 13: The Bear Necessities

The dudes break down the new Jungle Book Trailer, GotG vs. Icelandic Sex Slang, why Emilia Clark needs to get naked again, and Rodney's turn at Nothing but the Truth.
Video Games

Bonus Points: Top 5 Best Achievement References

Trophies. Achievos.  Achievements, no matter what you call them, are magical.  Beat the first level? Ding! Achievement unlocked. However, not all achievements are created equal. Developers occasionally show some forethought and drop


Trailer: Supergirl

Coming this fall from CBS, the Girl of Steel in her own show. In the new footage we get in this trailer we have glimpse or two of upcoming villains,


Review: Alice Matheson #1

From Delcourt – Soleil publications in English – comes a story about the early days of a zombie outbreak centered on a young woman named Alice Matheson, who spends her

Poll Of The Week

POLL: Worst Video Game Movie

Throughout film history, video game adaptations have been some of the worst movies ever made. Which one of these cinematic masterpieces do you think will go down in history as
B-Movies and E-Books

B-Movies and E-Books – Episode 28-5: Scandals and Perceptions

In this episode, the guys discuss Hollywood scandals and whether they impact the perception of movies. Everything in this episode is considered to be "alleged" since the guys are good at
Podcasts The Adventures of Toxic City

The Adventures of Toxic City – Episode 7: Andrew the Brony

In this week's adventure, we are joined by Andrew the Brony. Listen with us  as he leads us into his adventures in Bronyism. Check out his insights, views of the