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Chop To The Chest Radio – Season 2 Ep 2: The year of the Heart Throb

We welcome back Chop to the Chest Radio Alumni, 2x Champion El Invocable, Fino, Divino...Gino. We talk about his amazing 2016 year, including his current WWE status. Join  Chevy Chavarria,
Movies Short Films

Review: Suckablood

Set in a spacious castle-like mansion, a mother warns her child about the dangers of sucking her thumb, and curses her to a gruesome fate if she does it again.


Trailer: Supergirl

Coming this fall from CBS, the Girl of Steel in her own show. In the new footage we get in this trailer we have glimpse or two of upcoming villains,


Review: Alice Matheson #1

From Delcourt – Soleil publications in English – comes a story about the early days of a zombie outbreak centered on a young woman named Alice Matheson, who spends her


Review: “Pretty Bird” by Eli Nixon

Eli Nixon paints a picture of a world not too different from our own in his dystopian sci-fi novella “Pretty Bird”. It is a world where people live their lives, professional


Review: Rise of the Animals

Let’s get one thing straight before we start the review: you don’t watch a movie like this for the plot. You watch a movie like this to see horrible things


Review: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment

I’ve always been a DC guy, in fact, I am pretty sure I learned how to read from Batman comics. Every so often though I try Marvel again. This latest

Books Short Stories

Review: “Just a Little Terrible” by Vincent V. Cava

When I first sat down to read Vincent V. Cava’s “Just a Little Terrible” I thought it would be just another one of the average short story collections you find


Review: Jurassic World

Ah, the dreaded third sequel, the fourth movie in a series, should it be made? How well will it be received? Will it be a failure like Alien Resurrection and


Review: Game of Thrones – The Dance of Dragons

After the crazy zombie infested final scene of last week’s Game of Thrones, one would expect to have more subdued, more character driven penultimate episode to the season, and for