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Bonus Points: Top 5 Best Achievement References

Trophies. Achievos.  Achievements, no matter what you call them, are magical.  Beat the first level? Ding! Achievement unlocked. However, not all achievements are created equal. Developers occasionally show some forethought and drop

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Bonus Points: Top 5 Useless “Iconic” Items in Gaming

This week in Bonus Points, we discuss a few easily recognizable iconic items in gaming. Weapons and armor, promoted heavily on the box art and common choices for cos-players, that

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Review: Grow Home

One night last week, after recording our comic book podcast, Longbox Small Talk, I just wanted to relax. Sit down. Pet my dog. Open a beer. Play some games. I didn’t

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Review: Road Redemption

This week I took a look at Road Redemption, a 2013 title developed by Dark Seas Interactive. Road Redemption piqued the interest of the older crowd like myself who had

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Listification: Top 5 Worst DLC

Hate it or love it, downloadable content is here to stay. People get more content, studios and developers get more money so they can turn around and make more content.

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Review: Spec Ops: The Line

Hi, my name is Rodney and it’s been over a week since my last review. During the last few days, I’ve caught myself scrolling through my list of games, from

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Review: Kung Fury: Street Rage

Unless you are one of the mole women from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt(2015) or absolutely hate the internet, I’m sure you have seen at least the trailer for Kung Fury(2015).

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Review: Apotheon

Looking at early press for Apotheon, it struck me as just another Metroidvania type action RPG from Alien Trap, makers of Capsized(2009). Now, I’d previously played Capsized and wasn’t blown


Review: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Please forgive me if my review is a bit late. I was out of the country in a place where internet is two dollars a minute. So just play along with

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Review: Singularity

When I was first tasked with writing reviews for B and E, I thought long and hard out what game I would first sink my teeth into. Never in my